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Providing personalized services to help you achieve your academic, professional, and personal ambitions!
Exhibiting and drawing leadership values from Companies and Organizations, such as:

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After gaining extensive experience in education, career counseling, business consulting, and interviewing of prominent celebrity figures, Usman has propelled himself to the pinnacle of recognition in the education and entrepreneurship spheres.

As an individual who believes in freedom of expression of every form, Usman has provided a stable platform of recognition through the “My Awesome Journey” blog for celebrities and entrepreneurs alike. The pundit has also helped set up numerous businesses through his capacity as a business consultant and is always on the lookout with his team for helping more new projects.

Now, Usman and his team seek to provide Considerate, Controlled, and Coordinated services to all clients from all fields of life. Usman’s global experience in education and counseling sets his team apart from the market competition.


Usman is experienced working with the following companies:

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  • maersk
  • university-of-phoenix
  • seek-the-light
  • lgs
  • the-lahore-alma
  • i-am-to-leran
  • wateen
  • black-hores
  • bloomfied
  • shopistan
  • managment
  • efu
  • lhr-econmics

Featured on:

Pakistan Today, PTV World with Huma Amir Shah, PTV World with Sophie Paparazzi, Women Times, FM 91.


Let us help you voice your story, and become the best version of “YOU”!

Famous? To-be famous? Done something worth recognition? We interview inspirational individuals and teams to give them the airtime they deserve.

Interviews are the new media for aspirants and the aspired alike to inspire the uninspired!

For over 5 years we have covered over 200 teams and individuals, sharing their awesome journeys with over 15,000 people world-wide.

With our vast network and our extensive following you are sure to be recognized.

Please contact us with your work/project and a short pitch of your awesome journey and we will get back in touch with you – 0320 AWESOME.


U.S & International Admissions Counseling

Candidates coached and counseled have been sent to prestigious institutions such as MIT, Harvard, Purdue, NYU, Columbia, and numerous other universities. With our experienced team members who themselves are U.S university graduates, you are sure to find a way to your dream college; be it Fulbright or self-funded!

  • cornell
  • duke
  • harvard
  • MIT
  • princeton

What gives us the edge?

  • Experienced admissions team that has been where you aspire to be.
  • Case-by-case assessment: NO QUEUES!
  • Pricing 1/3rd of what prominent admissions counseling offices offer.
  • Referral discounts
  • Weekly progress meetings
  • Personalized help with personal statements, study research objective, resume building, letter of recommendations.
  • University selection

Disclaimer: MAJ will not be responsible for the failure of any prospective candidate in getting admission to the university of their choice, or for the failure of any prospective candidate in securing the relevant visa. We give in our best efforts tailored to each candidate’s profile, however constant feedback and support of the candidate him/herself is entirely as essential and appreciated.

Career Counseling:

Confused? CFA or an MBA? Bachelors in Economics or Marketing? USA or Canada?
With over (15) years of hands-on experience and numerous success stories of individuals from all walks of life, we now offer customized and outcome-driven career counseling for aspirants with goals they find hard to achieve

What makes us special?

  • Consider us your Academic Psychologist.
  • We offer case-studies to show you the paths you take and the outcomes they result in (yes, case studies only based off students in Pakistan/your demographic!)
  • No aerial-firing; we use our trademark flow-charts to help you jot down where you are and where you could be in your life, all documented and protected by our non-disclosure agreement enforced by the customers themselves.

Life Coach

Live life the way you were meant to live!

Lifestyle Consultant:

Besides the academic aspect of counseling, we specialize in career guidance with a hint of psychology. Personal issues, relationship advice, and career/family advice: we have you covered! Our expertise is solely on the basis that our counselors have been where you currently are: we can relate as well as understand!

Relationship Advice:

Need an ear to listen to? Can’t decide if working first or getting married first suits you? Need to be the best for your girl’s parents? We offer the best advice on how to successfully approach relationships with the best-recommended outcomes!





Personal & Corporate Financial Consulting:

Having trouble doing your taxes? With the need for an increased tax-net ever so rampant, give back to your country by paying your taxes with the help of our qualified consultants.
Need help managing your personal finances? Or choosing a bank? Or choosing the right insurance coverage? We’ve got you covered! (pun intended!)


Digital Business Management (DBM) & Analytics:

Does your business require insight based on quantitative metrics? We have the relevant skilled analysts to help you see where to minimize costs and maximize revenues!
Catering especially towards new and blossoming businesses, the Business Consulting & Analytics (BCA) division specifically delves deep into the insights generated by the business itself. Using advanced analytics techniques, we can pinpoint critical loopholes in your business which is otherwise difficult to detect without utilizing data in its entirety.

To the analytical aspect, we also add our experiential expertise and offer:

  • • Social media management.
  • • Brand Management
  • • Digital Asset Management
  • • Referral discounts


Brand & Social Media Management:

Branding is key in today’s fast-paced globalized marketplace. Our Brand & Social Media Management team will aid your business in getting its presence known and felt out in the market. It will help in gaining a strong foot print in the face of cut-throat competition.


Written-word Review Service (Copywriting, Proofreading):

We offer services related to content and proofreading. Have content to be written on a specific project? We have you covered!
If you require proofreading or even suggestions for improvement of your written piece, we have you covered.


Digital Asset (Celebrity/Business-page) Management (DAM):

Once marketed properly, any item can become an asset, even you! Our DA team monitors and recommends actions to be taken by your digital asset. We also take care of your social-media interactions/activities once you cross a certain threshold of followers (and are fittingly deemed a “celebrity”!).


Job Candidate Verification Service:

We’re making life for recruitment managers a whole lot simpler!

If your organization requires investigation on a prospective candidate and their previous professional standing, through our vast network of professionals scattered all across Pakistan’s corporate sphere we can pinpoint and provide you with the true credentials of that candidate.


Job Placement – Strategic Plan:

Get a job that you love doing, day in day out! Through our tailored job placement plan, we make sure you get matched to the best jobs possible! We also conduct Mock Interviews to ensure you go into the lion’s den well prepared.





For corporations and private school staff/students. Conatact 0320-AWESOME.


Spoken English/Business English Courses:

Bespoke classes to help you improve your spoken English. Not only teaching you just fancy words, promise!



Prepare for the TOEFL/IELTS Language Tests! Our teachers are high achievers in the subject matter.


Find a Tutor/Academic Subject Coach (IN LAHORE ONLY):

Need a good tutor? Or do you want to check the repute of a prospective tutor/teacher? We have the answers!



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